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BySavvy Capire 2 Nov,2018

Savvy Capire launches property listing hub, promises innovative services in three African countries

Savvy Capire, a leading Facility Management company, today announced the launch of online property listing hub. SC Property Hub is an inclusive p

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BySavvy Capire 26 Oct,2018

Tips to Improve Buildings’ Operational Efficiency

Like regular auditing of a firm to ascertain its financial strength and capability to ensure that operational activities are carried without hitc

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BySavvy Capire 17 Oct,2018

Savvy Capire’s Approach to Hard and Soft Facilities’ Problems in Four African Countries

Since the inception of Savvy Capire, five years ago, the company’s mission has been provision of quality and sustainable facility management so

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BySavvy Capire 8 Oct,2018

Values of Maintenance Strategies on Industrial Facilities

For the critical facilities to function as expected and contributing to businesses and people’s operational goals attainment, adopting specific

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BySavvy Capire 3 Oct,2018

The Biggest Benefits Our Clients Get

There are many reasons businesses and individuals seek our help in the area of facilities management. Companies and people have entrusted their f

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BySavvy Capire 6 Mar,2018

Savvy Capire wins Africa’s Facility Management Industry Leadership Award

Savvy Capire recently won African Leadership Award in Facility Management Industry category for 2018 for its outstanding contribution in expandin

BySavvy Capire 12 Feb,2018

How dust hurts employees

Every year, government and companies across the world spend about $2.8 trillion for maintenance of direct and indirect injuries and diseases of e

BySavvy Capire 22 Jan,2018

Set up your office ‘with employees in mind’

In a 2003 survey by Management Today magazine, virtually all (97 per cent) of those responding said that they regarded their place of work as a s

BySavvy Capire 29 Apr,2016

Emergency preparedness strategies for facility managers

Facility managers play a natural role in emergency preparedness. It is one of the top actions noted in their strategic initiatives. Facility m

BySavvy Capire 28 Apr,2016

Understand the complexity of strategic facility management planning and budgeting

Budgeting is no longer an annual ritual for corporations. The budget today defines a company’s annual plans and priorities. When a facility man