ByNgozi 29 Apr,2016

Emergency preparedness strategies for facility managers

Facility managers play a natural role in emergency preparedness. It is one of the top actions noted in their strategic initiatives. Facility m

ByNgozi 28 Apr,2016

Understand the complexity of strategic facility management planning and budgeting

Budgeting is no longer an annual ritual for corporations. The budget today defines a company’s annual plans and priorities. When a facility man

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Asset Register Template for Facility Management

In order to save the most valuable asset, your time, Savvy’s expert team has put together a set of asset register templates, which you can down

ByNgozi 15 Apr,2016

Top Key Performance Indicators for Banking Facility Management

Performance management is a course of action in which the management and employees work together in achieving certain set corporate goals. In ban

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How to Manage Multi Site Banking Retail Facility

Facility managers are confronted with several problems while dealing with diverse industries. And if there is more than one location to handle, t

ByNgozi 13 Apr,2016

Possible Areas to Optimize Operating Cost in Banking Facility

To contain costs, banking firms should stop relying on obsolete energy management solutions. Banks can optimize operating cost by dropping energy

ByNgozi 5 Apr,2016

How to Optimize your HVAC Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is often the topic of debate these days. We have all become dependent on machines to make our lives smoother and more comforta

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HVAC Maintenance Guide to find the Right Balance Between Occupant Comfort and Optimized Operating Cost

By maintaining your HVAC system in top order, you can find the perfect balance between occupant comfort and optimized operating cost.To keep you

ByNgozi 12 Mar,2016

A Practical Guide to HVAC Maintenance

HVAC equipment can fail if you do not follow regular preventive maintenance. The good news is that you can avoid most problems before they occur

ByNgozi 8 Mar,2016

How to Reduce HVAC Operating Expenditure

The status quo is the main reason for the struggle the facility management department undergoes when it takes up a new initiative to bring the be