Cooling and refrigeration is one of our focused areas. Our dedicated experienced workforce ensures that your air conditioning and chillers are properly maintained. We guarantee first class maintenance services in complete installation, after sales service, and planned preventive maintenance programmes for all HVAC requirements.

Our aim is to ensure less frequency of breakdown and value for money.

What you stand to gain

Maintaining your HVAC equipment increases the life expectancy of your equipment. Having your A/C serviced frequently may also reduce your power consumption. Ensure stable cooling temperature within the environment.

Certain Formation Movement (CFM)

Heating and Air Conditioning equipment is engineered to bring a specific CFM of air through the system for it to function properly. Dirty condensers, evaporator coils and dirty filters, reduce the CFM of air running through the unit. When this happens, efficiency decreases and the life expectancy of the unit decreases.

Average Life Expectancy of HVAC

The average life expectancy of Heating and Air conditioning equipment ranges from 3 to 20 years depending if it is residential, commercial or industrial air-conditioning. If your equipment has incurred major malfunction within the early stage of its life, it is a sign that the equipment is not being maintained properly.

Along with a shorter life expectancy, unmaintained or poorly maintained HVAC equipment can impact your company’s bottom line.

Preventive Maintenance is King

Through our extensive experience in serving air-conditioning and chillers in Nigeria, we have developed maintenance programs that have allowed our customers to get the most out of their HVAC equipment by decreasing operating expenses and extending the life of the equipment.